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Welcome to CDGMS PAC!

As a parent, guardian or care giver we want you to know that you are a part of the PAC. By working together we can make the few short years our children are at CDGMS successful and enjoyable for them, their teachers and for us. We are excited for this school year as there are already plans in place for activities, concerts, trips and so on for our children to participate in. We also have several exciting opportunities for you to get involved that can have a positive effect on our school. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the year the PAC learns of various needs for volunteers, for PAC activities, for teacher activities or for school activities. Some of the volunteer activities in the past have included: handing out snacks during immunizations, baking for teachers, Scholastic Book Fair, building sets, selling, making posters. The PAC will advertise these opportunities at our PAC meetings, in the School Newsletter, on the School website OR, if you are interested in receiving an email request directly please email

For any questions or concerns, please email us at